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SFP optical transceivers are most used optical interface in telecommunications these days. Delivering any speed from SONET OC3 to 10G Ethernet, SFP form covers all distance requirements and wavelength choices. There are SFP transceivers with fixed rate and also multi-rate between 155M and 2.67Gbps or 1 to 4Gbps, SFP transceiver modules plug into any SFP ready networking equipment like switches, routers, MSAN platforms or simple fiber media converters.

Our SFP transceiver series are compatible with most known networking equipment manufacturer brands. We provide modules for multi-mode and single-mode fiber up to 120Km, as well as BiDirectional WDM modules for single strand communications up to 160Km and CWDM and DWDM technology SFP transceivers for distances up to 120Km. On request, we can manufacture special BiDi optical modules using not so common combination of wavelengths (like 1490/1590nm or similar).

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